Sad Song for America         № 66   ♪= 110 

The shining city on the hill
Is looking ugly and sounding shrill
The big bald eagle no longer flies
It has been grounded by a thousand lies

Evil has fallen upon the land
A reckless tyrant took it in his hand
A big bad bully from a manic cartoon
Is leading the nation into chaos and doom

Sad song for America (2x)
Pity on the Disunited States
Sad song for America (2x)
How could you have made such a tragic mistake

Filthy rich posing as the people’s man
Twittering insults whenever he can
A lover of guns who despises the weak
A barefaced liar who won’t let you speak

Sad song for America (4x)
He vows to make you great but in its place
He throws you in disgrace
Let’s pity America (2x)
You can be great again but only when
You fire this crazy man

Sad song for America (2x)
Let’s pity America (2x)
Sad song for America (2x)

Fishing For Plastic                                    № 68   ♪= 138

Don’t like fishing with a hook and a line
Fishing to kill is a mean pastime
Even if you wanna throw it back in
Fishing for fish is not my thing
But fishing for plastic is a different game
‘cause how we pollute our waters is a bloody damn shame

So let’s go fishing for plastic
All this garbage makes me seasick
It’s killing the planet, it’s killing you and me
It may be a drop in the ocean
But we need to set something in motion
And every little piece you take won’t flow down into the sea

We don’t care what we throw away
Don’t care where it makes its way
Now we are swimming in plastic soup
It’s in the air and in our food
Plastic pollution, it’s a bloody mess
The only solution is to fight the trash

So let’s go fishing for plastic…

I like to fish whenever I can
In the canals of Amsterdam
I’d like you all to come along
Cleaning up can be a lot of fun
Fishing for plastic, join the wave
Turn this city into a cleaner place

So let’s go fishing for plastic…