Here’s my new song about the sad state of the USA. The Trump virus is making the corona virus even worse…

At De Vorstin on 27 October 2019. Video by Boy Scholte:

My propaganda song for the green left ‘Change the World’, remixed with a better drums & vocals track:

The title song of my new album, shot on location in West London by Luke Nyman. The Garden derives its name from a temporary lease (in the early 1970s!) of a derelict industrial patch to a beginning comunity gardening project. During the years I worked at a British university and lived nearby, I often sat in the Garden, wondering how long this ‘meanwhile’ would last for me in London Town…

The title song of my album ‘Crosspath’:

‘The Iron Lady’ and ‘Meanwhile Gardens’, at the Bar Americain, Amsterdam, 2 January 2018:

Geplaatst door Cindy Peress op Dinsdag 2 januari 2018