21 juni
Welcome to my music site! These days I am busy both as a freelance political writer and a singer-songwriter. In previous lives, I was Professor of Sociology & Communications at Brunel University, London, founding chairman of the left-liberal think tank Waterland, and director of the research foundation of the Dutch Green Party. My most recent book is called A Heart for Europe. The Case for Europatriotism (May 2016). I live with my partner Baukje Prins on the historic yacht Nymphaea (1917). More detailed info on my intellectual and political exploits and the yacht Nymphaea are to be found on www.dickpels.nl

In the 1970s, I played bass and lead guitar in rock bands in the area of Hilversum and Amsterdam, such as The Guardians, Amos Tamela & The Serpentine, and Punky’s Dilemma (way before the era of punk!). Punky’s Dilemma acted for a long time as the residential band of student disco Lanx in the heart of Amsterdam.   lanx6          Serpentine8

In 1967 I recorded this song with the Dean Alan Set:

I never wrote much about musical subjects, but here is a (Dutch) article about the 1966 ‘Beano’ album by John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers: Clapton was even God, WahWah. Literair Poptijdschrift #10, 2008 (red. Joost Zwagerman).

Since my retirement, the musical spirit has risen in me once again, giving birth to a lot of original songs, which I perform across the Netherlands. In 2015 I released my first album, which was recorded at the Parkstudio in Amsterdam. It is called Crosspath, after its title song, and is available through Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc. I am currently busy recording a new single with Luke Nyman of Songhouse Productions, and finalizing the songs for a second album called Meanwhile Gardens, to be released in early 2018.